Fate and the Old Green Dog House

It’s hot again, in the high 80’s and Fate found the cool damp ground under the shade of one of the three giant maples and next to the old, green, doghouse, in our side yard.

Izzy was the first dog that I saw use the doghouse.  That was back on Old Bedlam Farm.  It was under a big maple there too, in a shade garden.  We buried Izzy in that garden.

When we moved the doghouse came with us and Frieda would use it.

If the dogs were out in the back yard and it began to rain, being the survivor she was, Frieda would  be in the dog house, staying dry, while the other dogs waited at the door to come in the house.

It makes sense that Izzy and Frieda would have used the doghouse.   They both survived outside on their own for a long time.  They didn’t expect to be let in a house, but had to find their own shelter.

Once I saw Fate sniffing around in the doghouse.  Curious dog that she is.  But since Frieda died, it hasn’t been used much.

Except for now, when Fate leans up against it, keeping cool or watching the sheep.

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