Three Sister’s Jungle

Although we’ve had so much rain lately, yesterday was warm enough to dry out the gardens.  So this morning Jon was back to watering.

My Three Sister’s Garden had broken the boundaries of the fence around it.  But I still don’t think the rabbits and chipmunks will get into it, because the squash that pushed the chickenwire almost to the ground, is prickly enough to keep most small animals out.

It’s a jungle of a garden.

The beans are growing up the corn just the way they’re supposed to.  I have to admit, there are so many stringbeans, I’ve left many on the vine till they’re so big they don’t taste good anymore.

The self seeding sunflower is especially tall.  At least two feet above Jon’s head.

I’m not sure when the beets will be ready, I’ve never planted them before, but I think I’ll try pulling one up and see if they’re ready.  If not, I can always eat the greens.

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