“Staurolite” Quilt On Its Way Home

Staurolite Quilt in the guest room

Lisa emailed me and said she was interested in my Staurolite Quilt before I was even done making it.

So I told her, as I do when someone asks about an unfinished quilt, that I’d send her a picture of it when it was done and give her first choice.

I finished the quilt but needed to hang it on the barn to take a picture of it.  It was too big for the wall in my studio.  But then it rained and rained.  Lisa was patient and when it stopped raining I took a picture of the quilt and emailed it to her.

Today, when Jon and I  got back from our overnight birthday trip, I laid Staurolite on the bed in our Guest room/office and took a picture of it.   Then I went over it with a lint roller, gathering all the loose threads, folded it up and packed it up to send to Lisa.

Now Staurolite is on its way to New Mexico and that’s fitting, because Staurolite, the rock I named it after, is found in few places around the world and Taos, New Mexico is one of them.

The photo of Staurolite I sent to Lisa. After all that rain the sun was so bright, it cast a lot of shadows on the quilt.

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