The Flying Vulva. From Humble Potholder To Worldly Decal

“I love her bumper sticker!”

That’s what my friend Mandy wrote on the text she sent to me along with this photo.  She was stopped at the traffic light in town (yes, we only have one) and saw my Flying Vulva decal on the car in front of her.

At first I didn’t know whose car it was and was excited to think that someone I didn’t know had my Flying Vulva on it.  But it’s a small town and after a few minutes I realized the car was  Susan’s.  Another friend  who just moved here from Long Island.

It’s still exciting for me to see the decal out in the world.   And only makes me want to see more of my Flying Vulva decals spreading the message of women’s freedom, strength and power.

As I looked at this picture, I was thinking of how the Flying Vulva started out as a humble potholder and now has the potential to be seen almost anywhere.

So if you’d like to spread the word, you can buy my Flying Vulva in decal or potholder form in my Etsy Shop.  The decals are $8 including shipping and my Potholders are $25 + shipping.  Click here to see them and buy them.  

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