My Flying Vulva Potholder Flying Off To Burning Man

Beth McLaughlin,in a Pussy Hat

I’m happy to tell you that the flying vulva potholder I recently received from you will be flying off to Burning Man later this month!

That was in the email I got from Janet.  I was as excited to hear it as she was to send it.

Janet works at the Fuller Craft Museum, in Massachusetts and Beth McLaughlin ,Chief Curator there is going to Burning Man at the end of the month.  (If you don’t know what Burning Man is, you can check it out here.)

There are 10 Principles of the Burning Man Temporary Community and Gifting is one of them.  You bring and give a gift without any expectations.

Janet asked Beth if she could give her the Flying Vulva Potholder she bought from me, for her to gift  at Burning Man.   Beth said she’d love to!

So now, thanks to Janet,  one of my FlyingVulva Potholders will find her way to someone in Black Rock Desert in Nevada, amongst the magic of Burning Man.

My Flying Vulva’s are getting around…..

The Potholder Janet is Gifting

You can see all my Flying Vulva Potholders and Decal here in my Etsy Shop.


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