Morning Harvest

Flo with our morning harvest

Every morning I check the roost for eggs.

Usually we get at least one for breakfast, sometime two.  Now I also check my, unconventional (because it’s not just corn, beans and squash)  Three Sister’s Garden to see what I can pluck for the day, too.

Somehow the zucchini often alludes me.  Hiding under those big prickly leaves, I can easily miss them until they get really big.  But the cherry tomatoes are easy to spot.  Those tiny specks of red peeking out from all that green.

4 thoughts on “Morning Harvest

  1. Ah, zucchini. If you’re not careful, they end up the size of baseball bats. Or so I’m told . . . ;-}

  2. Careful! Did you ever see the movie Attack of the Killer Tomatoes? It’s actually a musical. (“A tomato ate my sister, I think I’m gonna miss her . . .”)

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