Yoni Tree


“Vulva’s Everywhere! ”  That was the subject  in the email that Becca sent me.

Under it was the photo of this tree.  Becca wrote….

“Michael and I spotted this tree while we were riding around our property. I said look it’s a tree vulva. Mike said I bet Maria would enjoy this. He hopped off the golf cart and laughed while he was taking the photos.”

I’m getting so many pictures of Vulva’s some in nature, others in art.  When I looked at the picture of this tree, It felt so similar to my Vulva design, right down to the curvy lines.

Trees that have vulva or vaginal shapes in them are known as Yoni trees.  Yoni is sanskrit for vulva or source.  According to Wikipedia, it’s a symbol for the goddess Shakti the creative force that moves through the entire universe”.

Hmm, makes me want to draw some Yoni Trees…..

Becca also sent me this beautiful  photo fo the  Flying Vulva Potholders she bought from me and the decal, which will soon be on her car.

You can buy my Flying Vulva Potholders and Decals  in my Etsy Shop, just click here.

Two of the Flying Vulva Potholders Becca bought and a decal.

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