Jon Holding Court With The Donkeys

All you have to do to have the donkeys shed their love on you is go into the barn yard, sit down and wait.

They slowly wander over as if it’s not about you.  But as they get closer they start to lean into you, nudge you with their noses, present their butts to be scratched.

This morning, it was cool enough for Jon and me to sit with the donkeys.  Fanny nuzzled up to Jon and Lulu rested her head on my shoulder.

No one said a word, it was all about feeling.

4 thoughts on “Jon Holding Court With The Donkeys

  1. This picture is lovely…and it also gave me a chuckle. Jon posts a picture of you and the donkeys on his blog: your face, their heads/faces. And then in this picture, Jon gets the donkeys’ other ends. Love among the asses? (said with affection)

  2. Dear Maria, This is a lovely pic! And I just saw the BEAUTIFUL PHOTO Jon took of you in your handsome hat with Lulu(?) He is SO RIGHT, LOVE is ALL there is! (That’s important, anyway) Annie

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