Two More Artists At The Bedlam Farm Open House

Original Oil Painting By Rachel Barlow

I’ve added two more artists to my show at my School House Gallery.  Rachel Barlow and Kitty Farnham.

They’ve both been there before.

Rachel Barlow is a regular and this year she started painting with oils.  You probably remember her watercolors and books from past years.  Rachel is a poignant and often humorous writer and paints with so much feeling it’s as if every landscape has a piece of herself in it.

She paints the hill and mountains of Vermont, those parts of nature that she lives with and gets to know on a daily basis.   She writes about her work and her family on her blog Picking My Battles. Recently she wrote about  painting her mountains and sunlight…

I’m still acquiring my knowledge base of paint and brushes, but I felt sad for that part of the world that hasn’t burned into its psyche the soul-restoring power of white-gold light falling across mountains about to go from green to red and gold or the arousing energy of a summer storm churning across a valley.”

By Kitty Farnham

If you haven’t seen Kitty’s work you might remember her from when she and I got together a while back and did some felting in my studio, using the roving from my sheep.

Last year Kitty showed and sold her small framed prints and packs of note cards at the Open House.  Kitty is also the woman who introduced me to Bellydancing (bless her soul)  and is one of the founding members for Bennington Beledi Tribal Belly Dancing.

She’s been a collage artist for many years then started working with pen and ink.  Now she’s combined the two.

Above is one of Kitty latest pieces.  Theres’s often a whimsy about her work, but also a confidence and directness.  Her pieces are small 3″x3″ but they contain whole worlds. I’m drawn to all the texture she fits into that limited space.  I can just keep looking at them.

For more information about the Bedlam Farm Open House click here or visit my Events page.

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