Abrah Griggs, Blah, Blah, Blah

Abrah Griggs Blah Blah Blah mug

Our friends Abrah and Susan came for breakfast on Saturday.

Jon cooked scrambled eggs, Abrah baked cookies and Susan brough muffins and croissants.  I set the table and complained about having to get up early, until I saw all the good food that is, and the good company too, of course.

Abrah will have some of her work in my School House Gallery at the Bedlam Farm Open House  October 6th and 7th.  She made some remark about being nervous about getting work together for it, but I basically ignored her.

I know what she’s capable of  and can’t wait to see her original paintings and notecards in my Gallery.

Half way through breakfast I saw the photo app right in front of me.  I was drinking my tea from Abrah’s  ” Heron, Blah, Blah, Blah”  cup and Abrah was sitting across from me.

The cup was very appropriate, because the four of us  were basically “Blah, blah, blahhing” throughout breakfast.

You can see more of Abrah’s work here,  on her blog  In My Nature.  

And you can read more about the Bedlam Farm Open House here.

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