What Kind Of Butterfly Am I?


It was as if this butterfly wanted me to take a video of it.

First, for a while, I just watched it, then I went in the house to get my iPhone and it was still there flitting around my flowers.

Does anyone out there know what kind of butterfly it is?  I’ve never seen one like it before.

12 thoughts on “What Kind Of Butterfly Am I?

  1. I just did a little more sleuthing. It looks like the giant swallowtail is probably what it is. Anise are out around the Rockies and west but giants can be in New England.

  2. It’s moving too fast for me to tell. First I thought a swallowtail (google that) but then the color band seems in the wrong place for that. I’m in NW Missouri, so you may have butterflies we don’t see, too.

  3. I believe it is a bedraggled Giant Swallowtail. From the video it looks like some parts are missing but the markings and coloring are right.

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