Hidden Goddesses

My wall hangings framed and hanging

Ellen sent me this photo of the wall hangings I made for her framed and hanging in her breakfast nook.

When Christy read about them she left me a comment on facebook saying….

“I love the thoughts of the church ladies at the church picnic.
Interesting that I feel it connects in a gauzy sort of way to the “hidden” goddess and you’re freeing her with the flying vulvas.”

Christy has touched on something I was feeling too, after making the wall hanging and hearing Ellen’s reaction to them.

I do feel like those ancient Goddesses are hidden in the linens and the whispered conversations of the women who owned and made them.

Christy’s words “you’re freeing them with your flying vulvas” are just right for the idea, born of these wallhangings, that’s brewing inside of me.

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