Kitty Farnham’s Interior Landscapes, At The Bedlam Farm Open House

Kitty Farnham and her signed print  A View from the Field

“Sorry I’m late,” I said to Kitty, who was sipping cold tea inside the Round House Cafe.

It was the dumpster full of clothes, I couldn’t pass it up.  Kitty had seen the dumpster full of costumes from Hubbard Hall too.  Actually we had both been drawn to the same pink dress.  But the fabric wasn’t right.

I loaded an armful of costumes into my car.  Mostly cotton  pants and skirts in solid colors.  I did find one c1970’s polyester dress that I couldn’t pass up.

Those colors just don’t fade.

Hubbard Hall Theater was cleaning out their costume room.  Years of people dropping off clothes they didn’t want, thinking the theater could use them.  Most of them were unusable and smelled of mildew.

Inside the cafe, Kitty unloaded a tote bag full of her new work for the Bedlam Farm Open House.

All framed, signed print. Kitty’s latest work.  A mix of collage, pen and ink and watercolor.

They’re different from last year’s.

Most of these are scenes,  mystical or dreamlike.   These are  Kitty’s interior landscapes.   A mix of images from her life, put down on paper as she interprets them.

A View of the Field   by Kitty Farnham
Lena’s Tree by Kitty Farnham
Sideshow Cornfield by Kitty Farnham

These are just a few of the framed signed prints that Kitty will be showing and selling at the Bedlam Farm Open House.

I’m drawn to the mix of material in Kitty’s prints.  The hard-edge pen and ink, juxtaposed to the softness of the  paint, enhances  the dreamlike feeling of the subject matter.

Kitty doesn’t have a website, so you’ll just have to wait to see her work in person or on my blog.  I’ll be posting more pictures as we lead up to the Open House.

For more information on the Bedlam Farm Open House click here.

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  1. Wish I wasn’t on the other coast! This sounds like a wonderful happening! Maybe another year Enjoy!

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