Dumpster Diving For Fabric

After washing them, I left the costumes  I pulled out of the Hubbard Hall dumpster yesterday,  hanging on the line overnight.   I’ll leave them there tonight too, just to make sure.

I was surprised how good they smelled this morning.  No trace of the old, stale smell that they came with. There’s an old quilt, a piece of fabric and a couple of scarves along with the pants, dresses and skirt.

As I was passing the dumpster on my way home yesterday(after getting all the clothes I wanted)  there was someone inside it, pulling out costumes.

He was pretty excited to get all the free clothes.  He’s a part of a group that does Role-Playing  mostly apocalyptic scenarios I think.  I heard his whole car was filled with clothes by the time he left.

Makes me feel good to see all those costumes being used so well.

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