My Tattooed Goddess

5 thoughts on “My Tattooed Goddess

  1. Maria, I hope I can catch you back through several postings to this wallhanging which is incredible. I can see in the background, the Dresden plate and the Dresden plates on the foreground of the quilt in several places. Is this a design feature or does it have meaning for you? Your face and neck fabric are amazing, the eyes, amazing, I would like you to feature this quilt again, and your verbal explanation was interrupted here by an incoming B&B guest so I only picked up part of it…the hand, the boots, I would love to hear more about the meaning of it for you.
    It is AMAZING.
    Sandy Small Proudfoot, Mono, Ont., Canada

    1. Thanks Sandy means a lot coming for such a creative quilter like yourself. I’m going to write about it more when I get it all done. It’s more about removing the design than the design itself, but I will write about it more…

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