Jon and I left early this morning for Jon’s  appointment at the Eye Doctors. (As I writer this, Jon is posting a picture of his eye and blogging about it).

It took longer than we thought it would, afterwards we had a late lunch and ran an errand.  By the time we got home I only had time to feed the animals and get to Bellydancing class.

While we were waiting, I did get to read an interesting article in The New Yorker called Blue As Can Be by Simon Schama about  the history of paint and  where some of the more interesting pigments came from.

(Mummy Brown, made from stolen and ground up mummies.  Indian Yellow made from the urine of cows who were fed mango leaves. And Tyrian Purple, which was used to dye the edges of togas of the powerful men of the Roman Republic.  It takes a quarter-million murex shells to make one ounce.)

I also had some time to draw and made the postcard pictured above.

But now I’m so tired, I can barely write.  So I’ll just put up a picture I took this morning of the back porch in the rain, and even though it’s only 9:15, I’m going to bed.

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