Mary Kellogs’s New Poetry Book, For Sale On Amazon

I went to Amazon Books, typed in  Mary Kellogg This time of life, and there it was, Mary’s new poetry book for sale.

Over the past few month’s we’ve been working with our friend Abrah Griggs who designed the book and set it up in Createspace.  Today I approved it and in moments it was available on Amazon.

I placed an order for 100 books which I’ll be selling in my Etsy Shop and at the Bedlam Farm Open House in October.  I’m not sure if Mary will be at the Open House this year.  She is having some health issues, but Jon and I have decided to read some of her poems over the weekend.

Mary’s new book has 15 of her poems from 2008-2017.  As in her three other books of poetry her poems are about her childhood memories, her love and observations about nature and about her life now.

I have to admit, I’m very excited to have Mary book completed.

Jon and I have published 4 books of Mary’s Poetry, My Place on Earth, Whistling Woman, How to Dance,  and now This Time of Life, which I think will probably be the last one.

The cover of This Time of Life is my favorite.  Jon’s photo of Mary is as direct and powerful as Mary herself and  Abrah’s design is bold and demanding.

I couldn’t choose a favorite poem in the book, but many of them, like Spring Bulb Transplant, transports me to the place in Mary’s mind through the  smells and feelings that her few words evoke.

Spring Bulbs Transplant       By Mary Kellogg

core is already thrusting forth in search of sun and air
to breath in wash of rain

I dig the bulb
its pregnant body
cool and moist in my hand

I don’ have Mary’s book for sale in my Etsy Shop yet, but they are for sale on Amazon.  Just click here to buy one.



2 thoughts on “Mary Kellogs’s New Poetry Book, For Sale On Amazon

  1. Absolutely powerful and stunning cover. I love her poetry, this will be a special volume for sure. Such grace.

    Thank you for assisting her in making her work get into the world.

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