Potholders, Poetry and The Bedlam Farm Open House

I sold out of my latest batch of potholders pretty quickly.  So now I’m working on more.  It’s been slow going today, but sometimes I just need a warm up.  Then things begin to flow..

I  picked up the posters for the Bedlam Farm Open House this afternoon and earlier found out Amy Herring, a wonderful poet and student in Jon’s writing class,  will be selling her new book and reading her poetry at the Open house.  I’m very excited to have her at the poetry reading.

Now, I’m off to Bellydancing, but I might make it back to the studio after dinner.  When it’s really hot out, like it was today, I find it easier to be in my studio at night.

We did get a heavy rainfall about an hour ago.   I stood out in the rain, letting it soak me. It cooled me and everything else off pretty nicely.

2 thoughts on “Potholders, Poetry and The Bedlam Farm Open House

  1. I was out in that rain, too. Flat on my back,tying up a tailpipe that broke loose on the way to the VA in Albany.

    Your life is MUCH more fun than mine.

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