“The Roses Are For You”


The Roses Are For You. . .  By Veronica Hallissey

I tell you true.  You were known
before you came here to this vast land.
A waste for some, a paradise for others. . .
for one a dim place, for another the sun shines.

You took upon your spirit a work, a job,
looking to make a difference.
You said to send you where your heart
could change the world. . .

You were given your wish, hard as it seems.
You have not failed.  Your ripples are felt
on unnamed shores and even the unborn
know your thoughts well. . . .

Come, be kind to one the heavens
sing praises for.  Your work is virtuous
and your talents creative.  We make bet on
the one winning the trifecta.

The roses are yours.  For keeps.


When I read Veronica’s poem this morning on her blog From and Upper Floor, I knew I wanted to share it with all of you.  It’s one of those  unapologetic poems that speaks directly to the reader (you and me) and shouts it’s wonderful, uplifting truth.

I’ve never met Veronica in person, but I know her well through her poems and our emails.  We have become friends over the miles.  She is now in her late 80’s and continues to write almost everyday on her blog and just published a new book called Psalms of Love.

You can see it and buy Psalms of Love  here. 

2 thoughts on ““The Roses Are For You”

  1. Oh, Maria, This IS a masterpiece of poetry!! Some gifts only fully mature into total beauty with age. Writing and art just flower more fully with every year. When I first found your blog in April 2011 I knew your art was amazing in creativity and color. Now it just takes my breath away! MAY YOU BE FRUITFUL INTO YOUR 90’S, like our dear 88 yr young sister. Annie

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