Intuitive Patchwork Pillow

Intuitive Patchwork Pillow

I made this  pillow the same way I make my quilts and  patchwork potholders.

I don’t plan them, I just find two piece of fabric that work well together, sew them together then find another piece of fabric that works and sew that one onto the two.  I continue to sew in this way till the pillow feels like it’s done.

This pillow grew out of another commission I was making.

A couple of years ago Linda commissioned me to make quilts for her family for Christmas.  We worked  well together and have become online friends, so when she asked me to make a pillow for a friend, I was happy to do it.

While I was making her pillow, I also began making this pillow.  The pieces of fabric  just wanted to be together but they didn’t work with the pillow I was making for Linda.  I worked on both pillows at the same time.

Quilt designer,  Kenna Ogg, sent me all the fabric I used to make both pillows.

My Intuitive Patchwork Pillow  is Sold. for sale in my Etsy Shop.

It’s  22″ x 24″ and is $75 + $10 shipping.

Jon and I are going away for a few days, so, if you are interested in it,  I won’t be able to put it in the mail until Thursday.

You can see my pillow and everything else I have for sale in my Etsy Shop by clicking here.

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