Photographer and Guard Donkey

Jon and Lulu stared out of the pole barn and into the back pasture where a deer stood, watching them.

Lulu is our guard donkey, always on alert.  When she’s still, with her ears up and forward I know she is seeing or hearing something in her territory.

Jon is our photographer, when he points his camera, I know he is seeing something that I haven’t yet, or even if I do see it, he’s seeing it in his own particular way, which is usually different from mine.

Jon, who is rarely interested in deer, decided to take a picture of the deer in our pasture yesterday morning.  I’m wasn’t  sure why he was drawn to photograph her, but he wrote about it later when he posted the photo he took of the deer on his blog.

When I took this picture of Jon and Lulu, I thought it interesting to capture the two of them focused on the same thing, each with their own intensity and purpose.

I believe when I take pictures of Jon taking pictures, I’m often able to capture the essence of him as the observer and the artist.

The photo Jon took of the deer

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