A Little Vacation


Shadow me and Lulu and real Jon and Fanny

“We need a vacation” I said to Jon one morning a couple of weeks ago.  We were still in bed, but we both got our iPhones and started to look for someplace, not too far away, to go for a few days.

It didn’t take us long to find a cottage in Rye, New Hampshire.  We basically drive east till we hit the ocean.

So today, Jon and I are off to Rye.  I’m leaving my computer home, and will only check my email if I feel like it.  We’ll be back sometime on Wednesday.

It’s supposed to be rainy and cold and that’s fine by me.  I like the ocean best when it’s cool and the crowds have gone home.  I want this vacation to be about a rest from responsibilities, and peace of mind…” as Louise Bourgeois said.

Right now I feel like I’m ready to relax, to do nothing for a few days.   But Jon and I aren’t really good at relaxing, so we’ll see what happens.

By doing nothing I mean finishing the book  “Fruit of the Drunken  Tree” by Ingrid Rojas Contrera, sleeping late, making love,  walking and sitting by the ocean, maybe doing some drawing and eating lots of lobster.

So see you on Wednesday, or maybe Thursday morning… I know I’ll be eager to get back to work by then.


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