“How Things Get Done In This World” Amy Herring At The Bedlam Farm Open House

The cover of Amy Alden Herring’s poetry book.

Amy just sent me one of the poems and  the cover of her new poetry book, that she’ll be reading from and selling at the Bedlam Farm Open House.

The Poetry part of the Open House, which  happens around 2-3 pm on Saturday and Sunday, always has a big audience.  And it always surprises me how many people want to hear poetry.  It seems in some ways a lost art, but I can see by the turn out at the Open Houses, how much it really means to people.

We’ll have three new poetry books coming out this year.  This is Amy’s first, Mary Kellogg’s fourth book and Jackie Thorne’s second book.

Here’s one of the poems from Amy Herring’s new book which will soon be available on Amazon as well as at the Bedlam Farm Open House.

Amy will be at the Open House both Saturday and Sunday, so you can hear her read her poetry live there.


How Things Get Done In This World                      By Amy Alden Herring

Whatever comes today
will have to come easily, it will have to come
e ortlessly, if it comes at all it will have to meet with no resistance unlike the thick curled leaves of the hyacinths
making it look so hard, boring their way up
through the tangled mass of last year’s lawn
lying brown and matted around the lamppost
It will have to be so easy that it will come to me willingly,
of its own accord as I sit here
with my pen and pad, quilt over my lap,
the dogs sighing heavily on the old planked
oor Today it isn’t something I am going to ght
for Today it will come the way the sun comes
when the clouds care to step aside
It will come when I lie on my back
again, out there on the lawn, seeds held loosely in my upturned open palm And if I stay perfectly still and perfectly calm
it will watch me suspiciously from the woods
with one small black glistening eye
then swoop over to the grapevine, then to the crabapple tree
by the low stone wall It will hop forward, cautiously
across the yellowed April grass, unable to resist
such a treat, inching towards me on its three-pronged
bony feet But I’ll keep my eyes closed
as though I couldn’t care less

and then I’ll feel its tiny beak
pecking softly at my esh, and feel it step lightly, up onto my lowered hand, lying here
like a drawbridge

The Bedlam Farm Open House is October 6th and 7th, for more information, click here. 

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