The Ever Evolving Bedlam Farm Open House

Bud, the newest member of the Bedlam Farm family, will be at the Open House in October.

This is how it happens….

A couple of days ago, Suzy Fatzinger texted me that she wouldn’t be  at the Open House this year spinning her wool.  I was sad she couldn’t come, as she has the past few years, but glad that she’ll be sending seven of her hand spun, hand knit scarves to sell in my School House Gallery.

Then, the next day, Jon and I happen to see Rachel Barlow at the Round House Cafe and she agrees to do an oil painting demonstration  at 12:15 on Saturday at the Open House.  (Rachel is now selling her work on Etsy, so if you can’t make it to the Open House, you can buy her original paintings and prints here.)

Original Oil Painting By Rachel Barlow

That’s how the  Bedlam Farm Open House continues to be an evolving, creative entity.

This morning I ordered a new sign to put on the front lawn announcing the Open House.  We also have signs for Bellydancing, which is happening on Sunday at 1pm and Sheepherding, which Jon and Red, without Fate’s help, will do though out the weekend.

And we can’t forget the arrive of Bud.

We’ll be picking up  Bud, the newest member of our Bedlam Farm family, the week before the Open House. It will be the perfect homecoming for Bud to get to meet everyone at the Open House.

For more information about the Bedlam Farm Open House, October 6th and 7th,  click here. 

Carol Law Conklin, pulling a batik out of her dye bath.  I’m showing and selling Carol’s work in my School House Gallery. 



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