The Last Harvest, My Three Sisters Garden

Beans climbing up a corn stalk in my Three Sister’s Garden

In the three years that I’ve planted a Three Sister’s Garden, I haven’t been able to get the corn to grow into anything that tastes good enough for us to eat.

This year the bean did climb up the corn stalks and are still producing.

We had so much rain, and everything grew and grew before I had a chance to do any weeding.  I got a few small watermelons, some zucchini, and squash and beets.  I also had basil though out the summer and dill and cilantro.  The tomato plants took over, mostly cherry tomatoes, which I’m still picking.

Every year I make the garden a little different.  Next year I think I’ll plant even more corn and see if that works.  The morning glories love the fence so I’ll plant them again.  I’ll cut down on the tomato plants and leave out the melon for squash.

Latest harvest

I cleaned out most of the garden over the weekend, picking everything I could and feeding the corn and other plants and weeds to the donkeys and sheep.  They enjoyed all that we didn’t.


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  1. It makes me so happy to see your sheep and donkeys, so healthy and well-taken care of. Thank you for sharing your life with them.

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