Me and Fanny, Talking in Images

I looked at the spindly branches sticking up from the ground and thought about the blueberry bushes they were when we first moved to the farm five years ago.

I always meant to fence them off so the animals couldn’t eat them.  But we were so busy just getting the house and my studio together by the time I got around to doing anything about it, the bushes were already destroyed.

And still I neglect them I thought. In my mind I saw myself with the big clippers cutting the dead bushes down.

It was within moments of that thought that Fanny walked over on of the dead bushes and started scratching her ears and neck on it.  I could see that some of the branches were worn down from the animals using them to scratch themselves one.

I couldn’t help but wonder if Fanny had picked up what I was thinking.

Whether she meant to or not, Fanny did communicate to me not to cut the dead bushes down.  That they were useful to the animals the way they are.

I’ve gotten images from the donkeys before.

I remember one winter when Fanny was sunning herself on the side of the barn.  It was one of those cold spells, below zero for days, and standing besides Fanny, I thought how cold the donkeys must be.

Instantly, in my mind, I saw Fanny’s bones through her skin, muscles and fat. And I got the idea that her bones were warm from the sun.  I was sure Fanny was telling me that the sun kept her warm from the inside out.

Jon has awakened me to the idea that animals think in images and that they share these images with each other to communicate.

Whether it’s the actual images that are somehow shared or the intention from those images becomes clear through body language or smell or some other sense, it’s a way that I’ve been communicating with animals and maybe people too, that I’ve only become aware of in the past few years.

I don’ think about it a lot, but when something like what happened with Fanny and the blueberry bush occurs, it reminds me of what may be going on all the time, if only I’m listening.


2 thoughts on “Me and Fanny, Talking in Images

  1. Maria, I truly believe that people and animals can communicate in images. If we are open to the images, they teach us. I love that. I do chakra work for friends, and very much rely on the images, words and pictures that their chakras send to me while working. A few days ago, while working on my dearest friend, in my mind’s eye, I saw a typical, conical camp fire, and a tipi. Now why in the world would I see that? And it was while working on her Third Eye chakra, the chakra that is involved with intuition and communicating with the other side. When I told her what I saw, she was FLOORED. She has Native American ancestry, and has been wondering lately, if they’ve been trying to communicate with her. I said, “Well, it looks like it to me, and I get the feeling that a shaman of sorts will come in to your life, somehow, some way.” We both cried. It was wonderful.

    I am a pet sitter, of all kinds of animals. The ones who send me the strongest images are horses. It happens while I am skipping their manure out! I LOVE this life of openness and listening. It’s so gratifying to read about it in others, like you!

    1. That sounds like an amazing experience Karla. Thanks telling it here. I can see that horses would be easier to communicate with, because as humans we’ve worked with them for so long. Sometimes I think that’s whats happening with me. Something old kicking in. A way of communicating we used to do naturally that we’ve forgotten.

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