Bud’s Home

Jon and Bud

Bud rode all the way home on Jon’s lap.  At one point we put him on the back seat to see if he’d be more comfortable there, but after sniffing around a bit he made his way back to the front of the car into Jon’s arms.

He already seems like a great dog, and all my worries about getting him have vanished.  It feels like he belongs with us.

He clung to Red when we first put them together (strangely, except for the white on the tip of Reds tail, they have the same markings) and as of now, he and Fate are still figuring it out.  But Fate’s like that.  Bud is paying little attention to her.

One of the first things Jon did after letting the dogs get used to each other a bit,  was to do some simple “sit” training with all three dogs.

Bud didn’t seem to know the “sit”command, but Jon is patient and eventually I know  Bud will get it.

I’m a bit surprised how comfortable I feel with Bud already.  He just seems to fit in and go along with what we are doing.

Accepting is the word that comes to mind. He’s just our dog.

Jon teaching Bud To sit

4 thoughts on “Bud’s Home

  1. The upper photo of Jon and Bud bring gladness to my heart and tears to my eyes. Yes…….it’s a perfect match. Bud has come into a home filled with love AND fun!

    Blessing from here to forever……..Linda

  2. Oh, Maria! What beautiful photos!! Bud surely seems to be just the right fit for you and your Bedlam Farm “family” Annie

  3. So amazing that they have the exact same markings…
    a little woooo hooo to me, perhaps he Bud is Red’s doppleganger!
    He is so cute and looks so good with Jon…it was meant to be!
    Can’t wait to meet him…love to you all.

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