Abrah Griggs Original Paintings At The Bedlam Farm Open House

Abrah Griggs and one of her paintings

The Bedlam Farm Open House isn’t until next weekend, but for me it began today when Abrah Griggs made the three hour drive from her home  in northern Vermont to drop off some of her original Paintings.

Abrah can be a bit reclusive (like some of the characters in her work) and wasn’t into making a video.   You can usually get to know her better through her blog In My Nature, but Abrah’s redoing it right now.

You can see and buy Abrah’s fictional art  on her Zazzle site, of the same name,  just click here.  It has everything  from iPhone cases to mugs,  tshirts and tote bags.

Abrah stayed for lunch.  We invited our mutual friend Susan over and Jon made his famous scrambled eggs, with croissants and raspberries from the Farmers Market.

We  spent the afternoon together and when everyone went home,  I went to my studio to finish a pillow someone commissioned.

Tomorrow I’ll make a short video showing all of Abrah’s paintings.  She promised to bring some of her Notecards for me to sell at the Open House when she comes back on Saturday.



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