Three Dogs Again

Bud just jumped up on the couch where I’m blogging from, let me give him a little scratch on the head, the took off looking very busy.

We’re keeping a close eye on him in the house, because he’s been marking the furniture.  When  I see him sniff around and look as if he might lift a leg, I let our a loud Eh! Eh! and that stops him before he gets a chance to let loose a few dribbles of urine.

Early this morning as he lay on the bed between me and Jon (he slept in the crate most of the night, but eventually, we couldn’t resist letting him into bed) it struck me how strange it must be for Bud to be in our home.  Trying to figure out what he can and can’t do, getting to know Red and Fate.  Everything is new to him again,  and there are things at the farm, like donkeys and sheep, that he’s never seen before.

When I think of it that way, it’s actually kind of amazing how well he’s doing.  How easily he’s already making himself at home here.

In some ways it’s like having Gus back again (I’ve called him Gus more than once) and in other ways, he’s a completely different being.

I know everything will fall into place, because when I yell “Come on dogs”  all three of them run to the back door to be let out.

Buds already part of the pack.

If you have’t already, you can read all about Bud’s first days on Bedlam Farm here, on Jon’s blog. 

3 thoughts on “Three Dogs Again

  1. This is a comment about Lulu’s thistle video

    I’ve never seen any animal chew anything as thoughtfully as Lulu did as she was enjoying her thistle. Through your videos I’ve come to adore donkeys, and appreciate the wonderful life you’ve made for Lulu and Fanny. It helps, in a tiny way, to atone for all the horrors that these loving creatures have been put through at the hands of man. And it almost always is a man

    1. I know I love watching how thoughtful she is about it Debbie. And I love the idea of our donkeys having the good life to atone for how they are so often mistreated also.

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