The Shift From Studio to Gallery

My Studio this morning

It began yesterday and will continue through the weekend.  It’s the process of making my studio into a gallery.

Today I’m emptying the old school-house out of all the sewing machines, fabric, and stuff that I won’t be using in the gallery.  I’ll also be cleaning and moving in the furniture (from the house) that I’ll used to display the art for the Bedlam Farm  Open House.

I have more than half the art already and the rest is coming tomorrow.

By Thursday I’ll be installing the show.

The weather is looking better everyday for the weekend.  Carol Gulley is going to help me in the Gallery with sales.

Nicole, who was going to help with the shearing on Saturday can’t make it (there are always last minute changes at the Open House, that why we try not to schedule anything too tight) so Jon’s on the phone, asking around to see if we can find anyone else to fill in for her.     I can always help with the shearing if I have to.   I  don’t like leaving the gallery, but one way or another we’ll make it work.

I’ll be posting the Video I took of Sara Kelly and her paintings later today.

I’ve been updating my Events page with times and cancellations so you can always check there to see whats happening.

I’ve also begun selling some of the art on-line. So if you aren’t coming to the Open House and see something you like in the videos or on my blog, just let me know.  I can also hold something for you if you are coming.  Just email me  at [email protected]

Click here for more info on the Bedlam Farm Open House.

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