Bud Meets Minnie and Flo

Bud had mostly been ignoring the cats, until yesterday.

I heard a hissing and saw Flo,  her claws out, front legs swiping thought the air just in front of Bud’s face.Bud stared at her in disbelief, took a step back then backed away.

This morning it was Minnie’s turn.

I didn’t see what happened, but Minnie sat on one end of the back porch and Bud the other.  Bud had tiny beads of blood on his nose.    After that I sat with them both, scratching Minnie’s ears as Bud sniffed her whole body, getting to know her better, I’m guessing.

3 thoughts on “Bud Meets Minnie and Flo

  1. I see Miss Minnie there, overseeing her territory, certain she has let Bud know who is in charge!!

    May your Open House be wonderful!! The work of all these wonderful artists gets more beautiful each time, your encouragement and support of their work shines through!

  2. This photo certainly shows how much Bud fits right in and is Red’s “twin” in Boston Terrier form!

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