“It’s Not My Fault” Jon On The Radio Again

I find the live stream on my iPhone and hit play.  Some guy’s on the radios talking about his dog.  How strange I think, that Jon was going on this program to plug the Bedlam Farm Open House and here’s someone else talking about  his dog.

The I hear Jon’s voice.


Suzanne from Bennington WBTN contacted me a couple of weeks ago asking if we’d like to come on the Bennington Today Radio Show to talk about the Bedlam Farm Open House.

Up until Jon left this morning I was debating whether or not to go.  I  still have so much work to do to get ready for the weekend, but I’m the one who knows about the artists and their work.  I know  what events we have scheduled and when.

“I know what will happen if you go without me” I said to Jon, handing him a list of the artists, what medium they work in and all the other events happening throughout the day.  You’ll start talking about your books and the dogs and your blog  and it’s 4 million readers and you’ll forget all about the Open House.

“Let me be your assistant” Jon said, convincing me that it was best for me to stay home and get my work done.  I’m your assistant he repeated, and you get to send me out to the work you don’t really want to do.

I figured it was a 15 minute spot, at the most, on an AM station I had never heard of.   I’m a kind of do it myself person.  I don’t like to hand off my responsibility’s especially when it comes to my work. I’d be a terrible manager, micromanaging everything. I can be controlling if I’m not self-aware.

So I agreed and Jon went alone to the interview.


After listening to Jon tell his dog stories for a full hour on the radio, I finally hear him say, that he has to mention the Bedlam Farm Open House or his wife will kill him.  Then for maybe  three minutes at the most, he reads some of the names from the list of artists I gave him, barely mentioning their work or the other events going on.

“You’re a lousy assistant” I text him,  “I hope you’re bringing something good home for lunch to make up for it”.

In the era of shirking responsibility and passing the buck whenever possible, the first thing Jon says when he finally calls me back is “It’s not my fault!”

“I’m going to do a radio show, he tells me all excited.  “Once a week, I’ve always wanted a radio show!”.

I yell into the phone telling Jon he did everything I thought he would, talking about his stuff and not the Open House.  “Your a lousy assistant” I tell him again.  “It’s not my fault” he repeats every now and then in-between telling me about his new radio show, how the  station is struggling, and how great he gets along with Tom, the host.

Finally he admits that he’s a lousy assistant.

I placed my order over the phone with Jon for a Rainbow Roll and Garden salad (I only get it for the ginger dressing) as he insists it’s not his fault.

A little while later he sends me a talking tiger emoji telling me that he got me avocados and will rub my feet or something similar, trying hard to make it up to me.

Next year I told him, on your radio show, you’ll have me as a guest to talk about the Open House.  Then I’ll forgive you.

4 thoughts on ““It’s Not My Fault” Jon On The Radio Again

  1. any way you can do a call in tomorrow, arranged beforehand, to that radio show to share all the artistic details that the bedlam farm whisperer failed to mention

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