Butterflies and Crows. Carol Gulley Reads Her Poem

Carol Gulley will be helping me out in my School House Gallery this weekend.  She’ll also be reading some of her and Ed’s poetry.

In this video Carol reads a poem she wrote about her husband Ed who died in August.  It’s a beautiful poem, we both cried at the end of it, I’m surprised we held out that long.

Visit Carol’s blog Bejosh Farm Journal if you haven’t already.

We will have poetry readings on both Saturday and Sunday at the Bedlam Farm Open House this weekend.

2 thoughts on “Butterflies and Crows. Carol Gulley Reads Her Poem

  1. Much love to Carol! I love this poem when I read it on her blog, but it was more powerful hearing Carol read it. I also had to cry too.
    I am sure the open house will be a big success!

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