Creating, Encouragement and Community

Rachel Barlow finishing her painting after the Open House

“Do you have an old scrap of wood I could paint on?” Rachel asked me today at the Open House.

She forgot to bring her canvas and was at the Open House to do an oil painting.

Every old barn I’ve ever been in has scarps of wood around and I knew our barn had its share.  So I hunted around until I found an old handmade wooden sign.

Rachel said it was perfect and got to work.

But she could only stay an hour or so, then she had to go back to her job.  She came back at five to finish up the painting.

Jon and I sat in the house with a couple of friends after everyone had left and Rachel was in the yard painting.

Earlier in the day, Sara Kelly made a digital woodcut of a donkey.  Poetry was read out loud and the sheep were shorn, their wool a raw material for someone’s future creation.

There was a lot of art going on at the Bedlam Farm Open House today.  Some of it being sold and more being created.

I always forget to take pictures at the Open House.  I’m too busy in my gallery and today bagging wool as Liz Lewis sheared the sheep.  But getting this picture of Rachel painting after everyone had gone home, captured the essence of the Open House to me which is all about creating, encouragement and community.



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  1. Himself was transfixed by her painting. It made him want to do some painting and photography again. Yay!

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