My Studio as Doggie Playground

My studio is still empty, waiting for me to fill it back up with all the furniture and fabric I moved into the farmhouse for the Open House.

Fate and Bud took full advantage of it, running into my studio, playing, running out and then doing it all over again.

Later in the afternoon, Bud came back, this time for a rest.

Bud sleeping in my empty studio.

2 thoughts on “My Studio as Doggie Playground

  1. Hi Maria,

    I might be in Ohio but I would love to help you get your studio back in order. I know I’d love being in the lovely space surrounded by so much creative energy. I felt the same way about my dad’s workshop, I loved to walk in the door and just feel it. I’ll picture your smile when you finally sit down to sew and breathe a creative sigh !

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