Rainy Dog Day Studio

Can you find Fate and Bud?

Fate and Bud are keeping me company as I’m getting my studio back in working order.  We listened to Jon on WBTN doing his new radio show “Talking To Animals”.  I didn’t even get a chance to call in, the phone just kept ringing.

I caught Bud marching around with a couple of spools of thread in his mouth, but he was good about dropping them for a chicken rawhide chew.

I usually don’t let the dogs play in my studio, but it’s raining out and after a while they both settled down.  Fate finding her place on the rug by the door and Bud in a pile of fabric I was putting back on my shelf.


One thought on “Rainy Dog Day Studio

  1. WOW! MARIA! THAT LOOKS LIKE A LOT OF WORK! Good thing you have two great helpers and Jon’s talk show to keep you company! I’m looking forward to listening to Jon’s show, too. Annie

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