Smitten by Octopuses, My Octopus and Crab Potholders

Octopus and Crap Potholders for sale in my Etsy Shop

I didn’t pay much attention to the octopus and crab fabric scraps that someone sent me till I read Sy Montgomery’s book, The Soul of An Octopus

Within the first few pages, I was as smitten with Octopuses (I learned the plural of Octopus is Octopuses) as Montgomery was.

So when I came across this fabric I determined to try and express my enthusiasm for Octopuses though my potholders.  And the crab?  Well it’s one of the favorite meals of the Octopus.  Although the crab on this fabric looks like it would be able to put up a good fight because of it’s size.

Jon and I are planning a trip to the New England Aquarium to see the Octopus there.  Since Montgomery’s book came out there’s a whole new Octopus display.

I put the book The Soul Of An Octopus in our Little Free Library when I was done reading it.   I hope someones enjoying it as much as I did.

You can see my Octopus and Crab Potholders up close and buy them and lots of other potholders in my Etsy Shop.  They’re $15 each + shipping.  Just click here. 

2 thoughts on “Smitten by Octopuses, My Octopus and Crab Potholders

  1. I too am smitten with Octopuses. I would recommend you watch the documentary “Aliens Of The Deep” (not to be confused with the 2005 documentary with the same title with James Cameron)

    48 min

    In the depths of our seas is a strange creature with two enormous eyes, a soft boneless body, nine brains, three hearts and eight legs. More than just a mollusk, the octopus is one of the smartest beings on the planet. But how intelligent is it?

    Genres Documentary
    Director Jérôme Julienne, John Jackson

    Amazing documentary!

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