“Talking To Animals” Jon’s Call-in Radio Show Today at 11am

Jon singing to Bud

I guess if Jon runs out of things to talk about on his new radio show, “Talking to Animals”  airing this morning at 11am, he can always sing the Bud song.

The thing is, he makes up the words as he goes along, so it might be harder if Bud isn’t there.  But maybe he can sing to Red.

Jon’s been collecting questions online for the show,  for a few days now.

But I’m still tempted to call and ask him why Bud has suddenly started taking our shoes and moving them around.  He doesn’t chew on the, not yet, he just moves them from one place to another.

Jon really should thank me for getting this gig.  If I hadn’t asked him to go to WBTN last week to promote the Open House he never would have heard of the flagging radio station that’s been looking for someone like Jon to come along and do a show that could potentially bring in more listeners and maybe a little financing.

So I’m no longer mad at him for talking about himself for an hour and barely mentioning the Open House.  I’ve moved on.  The New Bedlam Farm Open House is in the works for next year and Jon is getting ready to do his first live streaming radio call/write-in show.

Thanks to the internet, “Talking to Animals” is easy to listen to.  I’ll be streaming it live in my studio as I put all my fabric back on the shelves and get my studio ready for work on Monday morning.

So come listen too, if you can.  Just click here at 11am to listen to Jon talk about animals and answer your questions.  You can call him at 866 406, 9286 (802 442 1010 if you’re in the listening area.)

3 thoughts on ““Talking To Animals” Jon’s Call-in Radio Show Today at 11am

  1. Maria, this is such a pleasant reminder of how one thing unexpectedly leads to another. Good karma for all. Janet

    1. It’a so true Janet, and makes me wonder what Jon being on this radio station and doing this show will lead to. We’ve already been throwing some new ideas around….

  2. Intuition. I almost never respond to blogs, but I’m following my intuition, as you and Jon seem to be doing with the plans for next open house and the radio show. It’s good for the soul to just “go with it” and see where it leads. It’s part of our journey, but so often we leave the spark behind and just slog through to the next day. Curious to know if you asked Jon about the shoes being moved? My terrier pooch does the same; she also carefully, oh so carefully moves my socks to the closet floor when I remove them. Every. Single. Time. I guess I’ll have to ask Jon about that. I’ve been following your blog from the beginning, and Jon’s from the first Bedlam Farm, Lenore as a puppy, and first photos, chasing sunsets, your wedding. All of it. So you’re good friends, at least from this side, if it counts in that way. Linda

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