Free Flying Vulva Decal, Spread The Word, One Flying Vulva At A Time

Flying Vulva Decals $5 including shipping in my Etsy Shop or send me a self-addressed stamped envelope and get one for free.

I’d like to fly a plane over the Whitehouse and drop thousands of Flying Vulva Decals on it.”  Anne wrote to me on facebook.

I could just see it.

A deluge of Flying Vulva’s spiraling down on the Whitehouse, landing on the roof and littering that green lawn, like polynoses from a giant maple tree.

I still have  Flying Vulva decals for sale (and when I sell out of them, I plan to order more).  Along with  Flying Vulva Pillows and Flying Vulva Potholders.  I’ve sold many of them, but now sales have slowed down.

Usually when this happens, I move onto the next thing.  That’s how my creativity works.

But it’s different with my Flying Vulvas.  I’m not giving up on them.

Because my Flying Vulva’s are much too personal to give up on.  They are my creative answer to the women’s movement that is happening all over this county right now.  Not an organized movement, but a movement of individuals.

Individual stories, individual actions.

Whenever I hear our president say something hateful or demeaning about women I think of my Flying Vulva.  When I hear men and women say they want to hear a woman’s story, but don’t really care what she is saying, I think of my Flying Vulva.

I wish I were the kind of person who could figure out how to drop a thousand Flying Vulva’s on the Whitehouse, but I’m not.

I’m the kind of person who takes small individual actions.

I vote, I march, I write emails, I support candidates I believe in.

I create art that speaks to the power inside of us as women. Art that grounds and uplifts.  Art that makes me feel successful when I see someone looking at the Flying Vulva decal on my car and they can’t help but wonder and think about it.

This is what I do.

I make art that people can see everyday, in the comfort of their home that will remind them of their individual power and freedom.

Because that’s where I believe change really begins, inside each of us.

To make my Flying Vulva Decals even more accessible I’ve lowered the price to $5 each including shipping. Click here to buy them in my Etsy Shop.   Or, if you don’t have the $5, send me a self-addressed stamped envelope to Maria Wulf PO Box 205 Cambridge NY 12816,  and I’ll send you one for free. 

I am determined to spread my message one Flying Vulva at a time.


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