Water, Sky, Earth Scarf

my Ogg Winter Scarf For Sale in my Etsy Shop $60 +shipiping

I forgot how many leaves came down in yesterday’s rain.  The lawn is still green under them,  but barely visible.

So when I laid my Ogg Winter Scarf down on the ground to take a picture, I was delighted at how it blended so well with the leaves.

It was as if the pieces of fabric I made the scarf from had fallen too, into the design I created.   For the first time, I saw water and sky and earth in the scarf.  As if the leaves were saying look…”You recreated the world you see around you”

So I’m calling it my Water, Sky, Earth Ogg Winter Scarf.

And it’s for sale in my Etsy Shop for $60 + $7 shipping.  Just click here to see more pictures of it and to buy it.



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