New Blog Delay….

What my new blog will look like on a smartphone

I sat across the table  from Jon in the Japanese restaurant in Bennington, waiting for my Bento Box and trying to pull my blog up on my iPhone.

I’d been doing that all day, checking my blog to see if the new version of it was live yet.

Jon asked me if I wanted to go with him to buy a jacket for Peggy, who lives at The Mansion Assisted living Facility.  She’s going on a cruise (something I’ve heard Peggy talk about wanting to do since I know her)  and needed some things for the trip.

Normally I would have said that I couldn’t go, I had too much work to do.  But I wanted the break.  I’d been on my computer all morning sorting out online orders from the Open House and knew I’d be on it the rest of the day too.

Jon’s new blog had gone up earlier in the day and looked so good.  I was disappointed every time I pulled up my blog and wasn’t the new version.

Then I got a message from Chris at Mannix, my website designer and host.  They were still waiting for me to approve some last minute changes.  My revised blog wouldn’t go live till Tuesday or Wednesday.

I was able to get a photo of what my blog will look like on a smartphone.  That’s the picture above.  It’s cropped, I couldn’t fit it all on the screen, but I think it gives a good idea of what you’ll see.  And it will look very similar on a computer.

So I put my expectations on hold and am okay waiting a couple of days.  But I’ll still  be very excited when it does finally go live.


2 thoughts on “New Blog Delay….

  1. I’ll be excited when it goes live, too, Maria. Like you, I’ve been checking periodically today to see how it looks, and wondered if there was a problem, but I don’t mind waiting another day or two. Judging by the photo you’ve posted it’s going to be just great!

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