My New Look, Simple and Direct

Minnie and Flo snuggling up

Welcome to my new blog everyone!

I’m very excited to have it up an running.  I hope you all like the new look.  I  love it’s simplicity and directness.  I like the big photos and the large type.

I still have to figure out the Etsy Link and the photos on the bottom of my page, but I’ll get to that today.

Thanks all for your continued support in reading my writing and buying my art.

26 thoughts on “My New Look, Simple and Direct

  1. yes. I like the new format! Pictures look clearer and beautifully crisp almost as if we’re standing alongside you as you take the photograph, love the size of the print. However I would suggest you might bring back the pinterest button, I found it very useful.

    1. Hi Chris, the pinterest button is on the bottom of the blog with the ones for facebook and instagram. Ill write about it. Thanks for noticing.

  2. This is spectacular and so easy to navigate. Love the header and photos. Feels really clean, concise and inspired. :)

  3. Love the fresh look and big photos. I know it feels great to have a new path unfurling on many levels.

    Go you!!

  4. And… I can see the Pinterest link and I’m bad at seeing stuff like that because I do not tweet or Instagram. I was on the web with a site before Amazon and this cycle I enjoy less technology.

    I do LOVE and appreciate the easy Post Comment button now :)

  5. so cool! love the look of your blog and jon’s – they are well worth the wait and the $$! this is great for you guys and for your adoring fans! well done!!

  6. You are extraordinary people.
    Thank you for sharing your lives and those of your friends, now ours, with us.
    This, most certainly includes the endearingly darling quadrupeds.
    You are very important to folk out here.
    Again, gratitude fills the air.
    xx Linda

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