My New Work Table Arrives….

Ray bringing my work table to my studio

We were eating breakfast when Ray called. “I have your table” he said,  “I can bring it over in a  little while.”

I couldn’t believe it. “Already, are you sure” I asked.   “Thank you! Thank you!”

Getting this table, made exactly the way I want it,  is more than just getting a worktable for me. Like my new blog, it’s an affirmation of my work, of my commitment to it.  It’s me believing that I deserve to have a work tool that  suits my needs.  I

With most things I make-do.

I buy what’s available, second hand and cheap. Part of that’s my belief in using what is already in the world and keeping consumption and waste at a minimum.  But part of it is has to do my feelings of  self-worth.

I may have dreamed of having a custom table just the right size and height for me, but I never really thought it possible. I thought it would cost too much money, and that I didn’t really need it, I could work with what I had.

But when the legs on the table I had broke and  Jon suggested I ask Ray to make one, I could actually see it. It became a real possibility.

I told Ray just what I wanted.

A rough plywood top(I’ll be covering it with batting and canvas) and four separate legs so I can move the table into my studio (my doorway is very narrow) and store fabric bins under it.

I could tell Ray liked to create with wood by the fencing he put up in the Pole Barn. I expected him to use rough sawn wood for the legs.  But he was having fun making the table.  There’s a thin lip around the top edge and he even routered the edges of the table legs, giving them a finished look.

We moved the table into my studio and when Ray  gave me the bill for $118.12 I wanted to kiss him. ( I know that not politically correct and I probably shouldn’t even write it ,but it’s how I felt.  Anyway, I didn’t kiss him, I just thanked him profusely)

So now I’m going to the hardware store to see if I can find a big canvas drop cloth to cover the table with.  I have some wool that I’ll use as batting and a jar of carpet tacks that I got at Goodwill a while ago.

Then, back to work!

Ray and my Table in my studio


9 thoughts on “My New Work Table Arrives….

  1. That was so fast and looks like a great table. Good/happy for you. I didn’t think there was anything wrong with the
    old look but the new look is great. LOL. Especially the photos.

  2. This is a really big deal for all the reasons you say. And because you can see how much care Ray put into it that will also feed you as you work.

    Good tools are important. So happy for you.

  3. That sure is a wonderful table and I imagine you are going to craft some lovely creations at it. Ray did a wonderful job you can tell he loves the wood and probably has some sawdust in his veins.

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