Donkey Madness

I don’t often get to see Fanny and Lulu in their donkey madness, but today they put on a show.

First Lulu brays, then Fanny brays. I rarely hear them bray.  You can see Izzy the Romney Sheep kicking up her heals too. After Lulu brays, if you listen carefully, you can hear the donkeys who live up the road braying back.

26 thoughts on “Donkey Madness

  1. Your two donkeys are so beautiful and fierce when they want to be. They look like they are trying to protect/herd the sheep from danger and letting everyone know with the braying… even their donkey friends down the road. They deserve the carrots !

    1. They definitely deserve the carrots. I hope they don’t ever get in in their minds to visit the donkeys down the road, I know there would be no stopping them.

  2. Big doins at Bedlam Farm….the full moon? watching Fate and Bud run in circles around the sheep for too long? Laugh out loud funny!!

  3. Wonderful Show!

    Odd and maybe related: our first two cold days with morning frost have just happened and both days our two elderly cats shed their years and tore around chasing each other and finding forgotten balls to scoot around after and then laboriously carry upstairs in their mouths and then roll beneath a closet door and wait for us to pick them out and throw them down the stairs again.

    They get so cross picking them up by the balls’s ridged pattern and miaow and growl at them…

  4. That was the BEST video yet …. I LOVED it. I guess Lulu and Fanny have been paying attention to Red and Fate and decided to try their skills at herding. Thanks for sharing that. I’m so glad you were there at the right time with your camera.

  5. And so it was that their spirit and energy was released! I’m a farm girl from birth, that was a beautiful freedom run and you were there to catch it! Woot!

  6. …so miss my donk connection,
    they have moved to Oregon…glad you are filling that void Maria
    Love them frolicking donks.☺️

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