No Playing In My Studio!

Bud was barking and barking.  I opened my studio door and let him and Fate in.  It was dark and cold out, but they weren’t done playing.

They started chasing each other around my studio, “Enough, I yelled at them, no playing in my studio!”

Fate and Bud ran to the door, plopped down and looked at me. I could tell they were disgruntled.   “That’s right,” I said to them, ” If you want to play go outside.”

But Bud’s ears were cold and it was late, so I brought Bud into the house, led him into Jon’s office and said to Jon, “Your dog wants to be in here with you for a while.”

I have no doubt, that when I left, Bud curled up next to Red and went to sleep under Jon’s table.  And Fate was in her crate sleeping when I got back to my studio.


5 thoughts on “No Playing In My Studio!

  1. Bud is thinking “You, madam, have cut me to the quick. I don’t know that I can ever forgive.”
    2 seconds later, same expression “I love you. Got a treat for me as it sit here so nicely?”

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