Every Vulva Is Different

When I saw email from Stickermule, the company who made my Flying Vuvla Decals, about their Button special I couldn’t resist.

It took me just a few minutes to order 50 Flying Vulva Buttons, they’ll be delivered by October 31st,  Halloween.  Very Witchy I thought.

Just after I ordered the buttons I saw the message from Sally.

She sent me a link to an article in the Guardian called “How I Learned to Cast Off Shame and Love My Vulva”, by Liv Little. The article and the video,  bring to light how every woman’s vulva is different.

Yesterday I wrote about the shame I’ve felt about my stomach,  but many women have the same kind of shame about their vulva.

Because vulva’s, like the rest of us, come in all different shapes, sizes and colors.  And the idealized vulva, (which often comes from pornographic images) like the idealized woman’s body, is not what most of us have.

The video explains that most women don’t even know what their vulva’s look like.  And often only think about it when a man, who has an idea of what a vulva is “supposed” to look like,  tells them.

I have to admit, this is something I never thought about.

Honestly, until recently, I never thought much about my vulva at all. Just watching this video makes me aware of how strange that really is.  How disconnected from this very important part of my body I’ve actually been.  And how little I know about vulva’s in general.

This all reinforces my idea of lifting the shame and stigma associated with our vulva’s and vaginas.  And being able to talk openly about them and understand them, just as we would any other part of our bodies.

My new Flying Vulva Button. I’ll be selling them in my Etsy Shop next week.

6 thoughts on “Every Vulva Is Different

  1. Looking forward to the buttons! And I looked at your Pinterest page for the first time and love the vulva bulletin board. I may try to make some vulva shaped and frosted cookies this weekned.

    1. Oh Ardene, if you do make those cookies, please send me a photo if you can. I’ve love to see them! Thanks for looking at my Pinterest page too.

  2. Maria, did you see “Fried Green Tomatoes?” Do you remember the scene where Kathy Bates’ character, Evelyn, is in a self-help group where they’re given hand mirrors and told to take off their underwear to look at their vaginas, and she just bolts, embarrassed from the meeting, after the leader asks her, “Do you have a problem with your sexuality?” Sadly, I can totally relate to her. You are changing that for all of us!!!!!!!! Thank you, thank you!!!!!!

    1. Yes, Karla ! I wrote about that scene on one of my first posts about my Flying Vulva’s. I tried to find it just now to link but it eludes me. I have never forgotten that scene and it inspired me for the first time, to look at my vulva!

    1. I’m glad to be able to share it. I think so too Linda. It’s one of those things that once I was made aware of it, I could hardly believe I never thought of it before.

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