Six Pillow Tops

The tops of Linda’s Pillows

I finished the sixth pillow top for Linda this afternoon.  Now to find fabric for the backs and stuff them.

I have names for all of them except the one I just finished.  I’ll have to sit with it a while and see what comes.  That’s the first in the picture.  Then it’s, Wild Berries,  Earth and Sky, Fire, Feathers and Flowers, Midnight Moth’s and Woodland Tulip.

I won’t get to work on them tomorrow, I’m meeting with Chris from Mannix, my web designer, to talk about my blog then I’m working at the Cambridge Co-op in the afternoon.

But I’ll get back to them early next week.  I’m curious to see how they look when they’re stuffed.


8 thoughts on “Six Pillow Tops

  1. Dear Maria, Your mini quilts framed by the burnished wood wall look like an exquisite art gallery!!! Annie

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