The Wool is Done

Liam, Zelda, Griselle, Izzy (behind her), Suzy, Rosemary (behind her) Biddy, Kim, Socks and Pumpkin (in front of Socks)

Last springs wool is ready.

Yesterday, Deb from The Vermont Fiber Mill, sent me the final invoice and Jon and I will be picking up my wool made into yarn on Sunday.

I honestly don’t remember how much of the wool I had dyed and what colors I chose.  I was planning on having it all dyed, but it was too expensive, so I think I left half natural and dyed half.  I’ll know for sure when I see it on Sunday.

I’ll drop off the small amount of wool from the shearing we did during the Open House.  I only sheared six of the sheep and their wool wasn’t very long, so I’ll have a small batch of yarn next  spring.

I’ll be selling the wool in my Etsy Shop next week.  But I’ll be sure to let you all get a peek at it before then…..

4 thoughts on “The Wool is Done

  1. Maria, the whole process of making wool into yarn seems so magical to me. Makes me wonder how someone, (probably many someones) so long ago, figured it all out. And how very cool it is, to put something out into the world, of your own, that you loved and nurtured to be used and loved by others. I think that’s what art is.

    1. I find it magical and thing the same thing Karla, how did this come to be? I recently saw a video of a man making nettles into fiber to be spun like linen from flax. It was wild to see. I like your definition of art too.

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