Picking Up The Bedlam Farm Wool

Deb working in the Mill at the Vermont Fiber Mill

When we got to the Vermont Fiber Mill today, Deb and her husband were in the mill working.  This is where they clean, and comb and spin and dye the wool.

I couldn’t believe it when I saw all the beautiful colors of my wool made into yarn.  I love how the natural grays look with the vibrant orange and yellow and rich indigo, red and purple. Red was happy to get off the slippery cement floor onto the Alpaca rug.

Before making the hour and a half ride home we had lunch at Cafe Provence in Brandon. The chef is from France and there are always delicious specials for brunch.  I got Eggs Benedict with a beet hash and Jon got Salade Niçoise with scallops.

I just posted my wool for sale in my Etsy Shop.    All the wool is 3 ply worsted, 200 yards.  Each skein is $25 + shipping.  I’ll have all the details about which sheep they come from when I post them in my Etsy Shop.

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4 thoughts on “Picking Up The Bedlam Farm Wool

  1. Oh wow, Maria – l’d take one of each, so beautiful (too bad about the teal being ‘difficult’!) – but alas, my skin doesn’t tolerate wool…but hats off to your sheep and the Vermont Mill magicians.

    The new website look really pops the photos, rocks the colours and bellydances happily through the internet! A joy to visit you there, especially with darker days and colder nights not too far off…back to northern BC next week and possible first snow fall, uhhhh… must not forget to check exchange rate before perusing your Etsy shop 🙂 ….very tempting display of gorgeous items! Warmly, Sabina

    1. It will be good to have you back Sabina. And you can just look at the colors or wool. I know I like doing just that! I’ll try to send the sunshine up your way….

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