From The Sheeps Back to Ours

Zelda and the Sheep

What beautiful colors!! Just amazing that the pile I saw on the table with Jon, becomes this! I wish I knew how to knit.”  Jan

I was thinking the same thing.  No matter how many times the sheep’s wool comes back as beautiful yarn that can be made into clothing for us humans, I am awed by it.

And it make me wish I knew of a way to use it too.  Maybe this winter I’ll get that loom going that Jon got for me last year.  Or maybe I’ll just wait to see the pictures of shawls and socks and gloves and scarves and hats that some of the people who buy my wool make.

My Sheep are pretty wonderful creatures.  They are peaceful to watch and  be around.  They cause very little trouble and twice a year they give me the most beautiful wool.

Seems we take care of each other.

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